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Missouri General Education Assessment

Description The Missouri General Education Assessment is an internet-based test composed of multiple-choice questions and a written assignment.  Subjects include English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and Writing.  
Eligibility Candidates for the MoGEA are typically students seeking acceptance into teacher certification programs.
Fees The MoGEA fee is $49 for all five subtests, or $25 for a single subtest.  An additional fee of $33.50 must be paid to the University of Missouri.  The first fee is paid at the MoGEA website.  The second fee is paid at to Testing Services of the University of Missouri.
Registration Candidates must create an account at http://www.mo.nesinc.com to start the registration process.  At this site a candidate will select a test date, time, and place of testing.  The MoGEA fee must be paid at that time.  Candidates who select the University of Missouri then must pay a fee of $33.50 to the University by going to the webpage of Testing Services and selecting the same date and time as at MoGEA.  Do not pay the Testing Services fee until you have registered and scheduled your exam at http://www.mo.nesinc.com.  Print the receipt and bring it to the test date.
Day of Test A valid government-issued ID bearing your photograph and signature is required on the day of the test.  A copy of your receipt from Testing Services is also required.
Student ID cards are not acceptable.  Electronic devices, including cell phones and calculators are not permitted.  A complete list of policies regarding the MoGEA is available at the MoGEA website
More Info! For more information, please visit http://www.mo.nesinc.com

GED - General Education Development
Description The HiSET exam from ETS replaces the GED in Missouri in 2014.  It is a computer-based exam covering mathematics, reading, writing, social studies, and science.
Eligibility Anyone who is at least 18 years old and is no longer enrolled in high school is eligible to take the HiSET test. Certain conditions apply for those younger than 18. See the the Missouri high school equivalency office for more details.
Registration Before taking the HiSET please contact your local adult education center.  HiSET classes are available at no charge to Missouri residents.

To take the HiSET a person must first register and schedule your exam at http://hiset.ets.org
Testing Dates Testing dates and times will be shown on the HiSET website when you choose a test center.
Fees The current fee for the HiSET is a $95.  If you need to retest there will be a $7 fee per subtest.
Day of Test Examinees must present the following in order to gain admittance into the HiSET test:
    A valid Missouri driver license or Missouri state-issued I.D or passport or U.S. military I.D.  

Score Reports Scores for all subtests except for Writing will be available immediately following the exam.  Scores will also be posted to your online HiSET account.
More Info! For more information about HiSET testing please visit http://hiset.ets.org. 


MCET - Missouri College English Test

Missouri College English Test

Description The Missouri College English Test (MCET) is an internal paper-and-pencil exam. The test lasts 40 minutes and consists of 90 questions; a T-score of 55 is required to pass the test.
Eligibility Pre-journalism or journalism students who have received a “C+” or lower in English 1000 are required to pass this test to be considered for admission to the School of Journalism. Examinees may retake this exam one time. Consult with your advisor if you do not pass the MCET after the second attempt.
Registration Advanced registration is required. Examinees must indicate whether they are retaking the exam during registration before taking the exam. Registration is available at this link.
Fees The fee for the MCET is $63.50 due when registering for the exam.
Day of Test A valid photo I.D. is required on the day of the test.
Score Reports MCET tests will be scored immediately after the exam and will be sent to Admissions at MU.

NLN - National League for Nursing

National League for Nursing

Description The National League for Nursing (NLN) examinations that are currently being offered at the University of Missouri Testing Office are Normal Nutrition and Pharmacology.

The Normal Nutrition NLN test assesses the student’s knowledge of normal nutrition and nutritional needs throughout the life cycle. The test is administered on-line as a multiple choice type exam. Examinees have up to 150 minutes to complete the exam.

The Pharmacology in Clinical Nursing test assesses the student’s understanding of pharmacological properties of medications and ability to utilize safe practice with medication administration. This exam is given on-line as a multiple choice type exam Examinees have up to 150 minutes to complete the exam.

Eligibility Students in R.N. programs are typical candidates for the NLN (Pharmacology, Normal Nutrition) exams.
Registration Advanced registration is required. Click here to register for this exam.
Fees The current fee for NLN exams is $123.50.
Day of Test A valid photo I.D. is required on the day of the test.
Score Reports NLN Normal Nutrition and Pharmacology results are available at the conclusion of the exam.  A copy of the score is sent to the School of Nursing.
More Info! For more information, please visit www.nln.org/.

PRAXIS II - Professional Assessment of Beginning Teachers

Professional Assessment for Beginning Teachers

Description PRAXIS-II is comprised of professional assessments for teacher certification in Missouri and other states. The paper-based version of the PRAXIS-II is administered four times a year in the paper format and throughout the year in the computerized format.
Eligibility Teaching professionals seeking certification in specific subject areas.
Registration Registration is through Educational Testing Service (ETS) only and may be completed online or by mail. Information booklets with registration forms are available in the Testing Services office. Standby registration is not permitted.
Fees Please go to www.ets.org/praxis/ for registration information and fees.
Day of Test An admission ticket from ETS and a valid government-issued photo ID with signature are required on the day of the test. Examinees must be present in line by the report time. Check your admission ticket for reporting times and locations. Particular exams may be in different rooms other than indicated on the admission ticket. Testing staff will direct examinees to their locations.  You may not be admitted after the report time.  Session I begins at 7:30 AM and Session II begins at 10:45 AM.  Cell phones and electronic/photographic devices are strictly forbidden in the test site.  Possession of either will result in immediate dismissal, cancellation of scores, and no refund.
 Score Reports  As of the September 2009 Praxis administration, all candidate score reports will be available online only. Paper score reports will no longer be produced and candidates will not be mailed a paper score report. Candidate score reports will be posted by 5:00 PM EST on the Approximate Score Report Dates listed on the back cover of the Praxis Bulletin, which can be downloaded from the ETS website. Candidates are able to view their scores for 45 days after being posted. Score reports can be downloaded and printed. There will be no fee for this service.
More Info! For more information, please visit www.ets.org/praxis/.  A limited number of Praxis II subject exams will be available on computer beginning in September 2010.  Some Praxis II exams will remain available only as a paper-based exam.  The Praxis test will be discontinued in Missouri after September 2014 and be replaced by a new exam from Pearson.

Level Examination Program

College Level Examination Program


Description The College Level Examination Program (CLEP) is a national program of credit-by-examination that offers students the opportunity to earn college credit for achievement acquired through previous study, personal experience, adult learning, and other sources. CLICK HERE FOR A LIST OF EXAMS!

Eligibility It is important that students check with their academic advisors on the types of courses and number of credits that can be applied towards their program of study PRIOR to making an appointment and completing the CLEP exam. Only students who have fewer than 90 semester hours of college credit are eligible to take CLEP exams. In the majority of cases, the University of Missouri only accepts subject exams; general exams are usually NOT accepted. Click HERE for the University of Missouri-Columbia's policies. Students can retake the same CLEP test after 6 months.
Registration Click here to register for a CLEP exam at MU.  Prior to registration at MU you must register at the CLEP My Account registration page.  Please bring your printed admission ticket with the voucher number on test day.
Fees The fees for each CLEP test are $143.50, which MUST include a payment of $63.50 to the University of Missouri AND a $80 payment to CLEP prior to the exam.
Day of Test Two forms of photo I.D. are required on the day of the test.  One form of ID must be government issued and include a photograph and signature.
Score Reports CLEP unofficial test results are available immediately upon the completion of the test.  Official results will be sent to the designated institution at a later date by ETS.
More Info! For more information, please visit www.collegeboard.com/clep.

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